How to convert Youtube videos into Tiktok/Reels/Shorts

How to convert Youtube videos into Tiktok/Reels/Shorts

From the few times I looked at vertically formatted videos on Tiktok or Youtube Shorts, I was sometimes really shocked by the low quality of the videos, due to conversion issues.

Some originally horizontally-formatted videos where just shared with big black borders on top and below:


Or screen recordings would be made using phone camera's, creating a very low quality effect due to screen reflection:

tiktok screen.png

This didn't seem right and being eager to find a new problem to solve, and a company to build, we set out to build a tool that would make it easy to convert horizontally formatted videos, into vertically formatted ones, thus allowing many creators to either repurpose content or create content from screen recordings very easily.

This is how Happy Ninja is born. A simple web app that lets you select any file, and converts it into a vertical formatted video, based on how you crop it.

For example, our tool makes it super fast and simple to select the center of the video for the first few seconds, then switch to the left side for the few seconds after, the right side of the video after that, and come back to the center for the last few seconds.

We have been sharing some videos we created on Tiktok ( and are eager to get more users and feedback, to let us prioritise this project!

Try it here

Nathan & Fahad