My plan for turning my new idea into a profitable 1K/month revenue business (2023)

My plan for turning my new idea into a profitable 1K/month revenue business (2023)

This isn't the first time I'm writing a "how I plan to do X" article, and historically, the plans I layed out never worked out.

It still turns out to be a really good exercise, and I would have to write out my plan anyway, so why not make it public.

But you got the disclaimer, things will probably not work out as planned.

Magic Heidi: 1K/mo by end of 2023.

How to get there? First of all, Magic Heidi is an invoicing app for the Swiss self-employed. After the success of my multi-year long content strategy with my previous business, I'd like to apply the same recipe to this very niche business in the hope of building a sustainable lifestyle business.

Here are the basic steps of my plan:

  • Bring a lot of qualified leads through the door.
  • Convert 1% of those to my app's paid plan

Pretty simple!

How to get 10'000 downloads in one year

The goal is to get 10'000 downloads for Magic Heidi. Based on my experience, this is not reasonable, but it is a nice goal. Why 10k? Because with a 1% conversion rate, that's the number of sign-ups I'll need to reach 1K MRR.

Create a lot of content for the Swiss self-employed

By niching down as aggressively as I've done, there isn't much high quality content left for my audience to enjoy, which will allow me to differentiate quickly. Specifically, I will create:

  • Reviews of competitor apps
  • Tips based on my own self-employed experience
  • Share my progress

I will create both video and text content, hoping to get out 100 articles/videos this year.

One important thing to note is that I will not do any short-term content such as social media content. Only evergreen content that I can expect to drive traffic to my site in another ten years.

Rely on the App & Play Store to drive traffic

This is a source of traffic I've historically never been able to rely on given that my products where always web based. This time though, Magic Heidi is being released on the Play Store, App Store, Mac App Store & Web (all thanks to Flutter!).

In the first month of being available, the App Store drove 30 installs without any marketing work from me. Throughout the year, as reviews accumulate, I can expect this number to grow a lot.

Get some local press

Given that I niched down to such a local market: French speaking Swiss self-employed, I believe that through sharing my progress, my ideas and values, I can make for some valuable content that could be shared on local networks and newspapers.

Convert 1% of the prospects to Magic Heidi Pro

Invoicing, accounting and other apps for self-employed people have existed for a long time. I'm therefore not worried about the market at all and am pretty confident that I will be able to convert some users into customers.


As of Jan 9. I'll try to keep those updated as the year progresses.

  • Downloads: 36 (goal: 10'000)
  • Conversion rate: 0% (goal: 1%)